Port and Terminal Security

AdvanFort provides a wide array of government and private port and terminal security solutions. Our team of security professionals are trained and equipped to protect port and terminal infrastructure, cargo and human assets while also ensuring the free flow of commerce in and out of ports and terminals.

Our services include:

  • Identifying and eliminating potential hazards such as unauthorized entry, vandalism, theft, piracy, and terrorist attacks.
  • Working with local law enforcement to apprehend and detain personnel who pose threats.
  • Providing specialized training to local security teams who wish to enhance their aptitude and skills in security measures.

AdvanFort's security teams are committed to excellence. We hire fully vetted, English-speaking professionals whom possess weapons, force protection, and medical response certifications. Cost-effective risk management methodologies are also utilized in order to help our clients better protect their facilities and assets. Additionally, we promote security awareness through collaborative information analysis and dissemination with public and private institutions.