The AdvanFort Company is privately held and headquartered in the Washington, DC area. AdvanFort provides world-class global security solutions as well as government relations consulting. Our staff and consultants have the technical skills, capabilities and international experience to meet the complex needs of our clients.


Global Security Operations

The firm specializes in maritime security, training, intelligence operations, and information security, with a specialty in providing armed security personnel and fleet assets in high-risk environments. AdvanFort's executive, management and operational teams consist of highly experienced former US and UK military special operators and intelligence community veterans as well as former NATO security professionals.

With an expanding fleet of vessels forward deployed to strategic locations around the globe, AdvanFort can ensure that any vessel in need of security and force protection services, regardless of location, can be engaged with one of our vessels without the need to divert from its current transit.

AdvanFort's state of the art technology used to monitor client vessels as well as the state of the current pirate / terrorist threat is maintained 24/7 in a global command and control center, operated by a team of former military professionals and intelligence analysts. Our staff is trained to detect and analyze any high risk area where pirates or terrorists may be operating, in order to provide timely alerts to your vessels out at sea.


Government Relations

AdvanFort's international consultants work closely with governments, industry and academia on current issues, challenges and opportunities. We help these institutions manage critical resources to promote positive social and economic growth. Our customers are assured that their unique requirements are understood. They have access to our expert representatives who speak their language and understand their needs.

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