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AdvanFort Counter-Piracy with New Endurance Vessels

Purchase is Step toward addressing Maritime Threats

Washington--February 25, 2011 – AdvanFort today announced it has purchased another two long endurance vessels equipped to provide an armed security surface escort, bolstering its continuing efforts to protect the vulnerable maritime assets in pirate infested water.

The ships are to be deployed this March in the Red Sea, the Somali Basin, the Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean. The main operational duty of the vessels will be to escort commercial vessels transiting the high risk passages of the region.

"This is an important step not only from an operational standpoint but from the viewpoint of the maritime security" said LtCdr (Ret.) Mark Hornung, AdvanFort's VP, Operations "Having these vessels in theatre will enable to us to respond swiftly for our customers needs, especially the shipping companies operation on the spot market."

According to LtCdr (Ret.) Hornung, who until last September served as the head of the NATO Shipping Centre in Northwood, London, AdvanFort has number of bases of operations ashore in several countries in the region that are strategically adjacent to the major shipping lane and spread over three continents, to provide a launching platform for the security teams. "But at the moment, this affects our timeliness; currently we are 60% on time with embarkations," adding "These two fast vessels will help us to meet our target of 100% timeliness at designated place and times."

Three Scania diesel engines provide more than 1,650 horsepower to the European built vessels. The vessels are being configured for special maritime security surface escort. Each is equipped with ship-based self-defence system as well as a variety of portable defence systems. Each vessel also includes a rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) and equipped with a world-class telecommunications systems. AdvanFort is the only private company using three engines in its vessels and now has more than 3000 nautical miles endurance vessels in service.

About AdvanFort

AdvanFort is a multi-mission maritime security provider, in pursuit of protecting the vulnerable maritime assets in pirate infested waters. AdvanFort is adept in providing solutions to meet a wide range of maritime threats and challenges. We maintain a fleet of helicopters, long endurance speed boats and ships.

With more than 200 employees in four continents, AdvanFort provides absolute, world-class security solutions addressing maritime threats and challenges in hostile zones with deeply rooted social and political issues. Maritime security has ever evolving requirements within pirate infested waters, demanding flexible and innovative responses.

AdvanFort stand ready to work collaboratively with all of our clients to asses all threats and determine best solutions to serve their business objectives and meet the challenges of modern day pirates.

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